Learning About Automotive Braking Systems

Learning About Automotive Braking Systems

3 Reasons For A Car Engine To Not Function Properly

Gwendolyn Fletcher

Does your car engine die a lot and you can't point out the reason why it is happening? it is important for the engine to be inspected by a mechanic in case it is in bad shape and needs a repair before the problems get worse. Your car has several parts that must work properly in order for the engine to function. Sometimes engine problems are related to something minor in the vehicle needing some attention. This article has a list of the common problems that a car can have that might cause the engine to malfunction.

1. The Spark Plug Doesn't Work Properly

An important part of your car engine is the spark plug because it plays a major role in whether or not your engine will run. A spark plug is basically used for igniting compressed fuel so the engine will function. Several things can go wrong with a spark plug and cause it to not function properly. For example, the spark plug might not work if it is covered in dirty oil. Keep in mind that spark plugs can also stop working from normal wear and tear, which only requires a replacement being installed in your vehicle.

2. There Are Issues with the Oil

Oil is another aspect of a vehicle that is important in how well the engine functions. Your engine can actually become damaged beyond repair if you don't ensure that it has access to a sufficient amount of oil. Ask a mechanic to inspect the oil pump to find out if it is  working, as a prompt repair is necessary if it is in bad shape. You should also get the oil inspected to find out if it is dirty and need to be changed. Dirty oil can cause problems for intake valves and the spark plug, which can lead to engine problems.

3. The Gas Cap isn't Secure Enough

You might think that driving around with a loose or missing gas cap is no big deal. However, such problems can actual cause the engine to not function properly. The reason why is because if there isn't a secure cap on the fuel tank, fuel can begin evaporating out of your vehicle. You can end up with the engine dying faster than usual due to it not having fuel. You would also have to fill the tank up with fuel more than usual, which can be costly.

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