Learning About Automotive Braking Systems

Learning About Automotive Braking Systems

Is It Time For New Tires? Let's Find Out

Gwendolyn Fletcher

Whether you have Nissan tires or just some off-brand tires, you need to remember that they all end up needing to be replaced at some point. It is important to make sure that you are aware of the signs that you need new tires and that you are keeping a lookout for those signs. If you are not currently sure what you should be on the lookout for, you will want to continue reading. 

There Is A Bulge On The Side Of The Tires

Knowing when it is time to get new tires is not just about the amount of tread that is on the tires. You can also need new tires if any of them have a bulge along the side of the tires. Even though that section of the tires does not touch the pavement, it is still a weak spot and it could blow out the tire at any moment. Therefore, you might not even want to think about driving the vehicle to the tire shop. You will need to tow the vehicle to the shop, or have someone else take you and the bad tire to the shop. You can then put the new tire on yourself.

There Are Wires Starting To Show

No matter where you notice them or how much wire is showing, the moment you notice silver wire poking out of your tires is the moment you need to call to see who has your tire size in stock. With the wire showing, you could have a popped tire at any moment. You might want to have your vehicle towed to the shop, or change it out yourself so you are not taking any chances.

Now that you have a much better idea of what you should be looking for in order to keep good tires on your vehicle, you will want to always keep an eye out. Some people will specifically go over the condition of their tires once a week. Other people might make it happen to always check over the condition of their tires each time they walk up to their vehicle. This can be useful, especially if you happen to get a flat while your car was parked in a store parking lot. If you ran something over and didn't know right away, you might come out of the store with a flat tire. You would want to notice the flat before you try leaving.


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