Learning About Automotive Braking Systems

Learning About Automotive Braking Systems

What To Do When Your Car Is Not Running

Gwendolyn Fletcher

There are many reasons for your car not to start or to stop running after you start it. Sometimes those reasons are not obvious, so getting the car running again can be difficult, but if you take the vehicle to the shop that does auto repair in your area, they can help you diagnose the issue and make the required repairs.

Transportation and Repair

A car that will not start and requires an auto repair needs to be towed to the shop. Once the vehicle is in the shop, the tech can start trying to figuring out what is causing the issue and make the necessary repairs. The auto repair shop may need to spend some time going over the car to determine the problem, but if you can tell them what is different than the last time you used the vehicle, it can help.

The tow operator that comes to tow your car to an auto repair in the area might be from the repair shop you are using, or they may be from an independent towing company. Make sure that you let them know where you want the car towed if you have a mechanic that you use regularly, and if you don't, ask them who they recommend. 

Common Repairs

Some of the most common problems with a car that will not start involve the starter, the battery, or the fuel system on the vehicle. If the vehicle does not turn over at all, it could be a bad battery, and the auto repair shop can quickly replace that for you, but they should charge and test the battery first to be sure that it is bad. Often batteries go dead due to a door left slightly ajar or an interior light left on that you didn't notice. 

If the start clicks loudly when you try and start the car, the starter might be seized, or the solenoid on the starter may have failed. The fix for this is to replace the starter motor with a new one, and any auto repair service can handle that for you. The job is straightforward, but it can take some time to complete the repair if the starter is hard to reach. 

The fuel system can also be a problem for a car that will not start or stay running. If the fuel pump is not working correctly or the fuel filter is clogged and needs replacing, the engine will not get the fuel it needs, and the car will not run. The auto mechanic will need to take some time to determine the issue, especially if there are multiple possibilities. 


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